MKMMA – Week 1, Post 1

This day has been everything awful.

I know today was a test.

I had a bad doctor’s appointment. A terrible training run. An almost unforgivable act – I forgot to eat breakfast. I ate junk food (after spending 4 weeks trying to work it out of my system) due to poor planning. My boyfriend’s mother decided to over-dramatize the situation with my boyfriend’s cat being at his grandmother’s/her mother’s house. Now we’re going to go from 2 cats to 3 in a few days on short notice in a full apartment. I was in a foul disposition all evening at work, and my coworkers/friends noticed. They offered sympathy, but nothing helped.

I went for a brisk walk and jog on my lunch break, and my foul disposition started to shift. I know I can handle everything that comes my way. I know today is just a test. The Universe is trying to test my will to complete the tasks set before me with my new class. I know I can handle this.

66441_135687406592714_1943002911_n (1)


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