MKMMA Week 2, Post 1


Today I begin a new life.

Good evening, wherever you may be!

This week (and it’s only Tuesday) is proving to be quite a challenge. I’m off to a better all-around start than I was this time last week, that’s for sure. Last week I mentioned I had a bad doctor’s appointment – it was the interaction with ONE person out of the five I met with, so I may have dramatized a tad. The good news that came from the doctor’s appointment, is I have a clean bill of health. I was able to attend a “Know Your Numbers” cholesterol information session on Wednesday, and when I received my results in the mail – I can confirm my cholesterol numbers are in the PERFECT range! That’s quite the thrill, considering all of the dietary changes I’ve made in the last 5 weeks. Whew!

I did experience some major difficulties with “The Sit”. It’s not a difficult concept – You SIT. STILL. However, my old blueprint kept fighting off the new, and won out more times than I’d care to admit. The Sit is so important, it will be the only way I can clearly identify “My Bliss” – yet I keep fighting! Perhaps I’m afraid of what will be revealed? I know that stops me from completing a lot in my lifetime – WHAT IF it works out the way I want it to? Oh no, that’s too scary. What? That doesn’t make sense! I’ve battled a lifetime of inadequacy and this feeling of “I don’t deserve my desires”, so it makes sense why I feel the way I do – but it doesn’t make sense for me to keep feeling that way.


3 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 2, Post 1

  1. Aloha Stephanie when you do your sit just breathe, relax and what ever comes into your mind its ok just let these thoughts drift right on in, then watch them pass like clouds in the sky this will become easier as the days pass…before you know it 15mins will turn into 20mins, 30mins then 45mins it will feel like you just closed your eyes 🙂
    I love and appreciate your honesty with your feelings you are AWEsome!

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  2. Congratulations on your PERFECT Cholesterol!
    Thanks for sharing your difficulty in sitting still. It said practice practice practice made perfect.

    Cheers! Nisa


  3. Wow, Stephanie! You’re exploring some pretty interesting feelings. Sometimes it seems like the subconscious, our old habits, our old blueprint, etc seem to crave what is familiar rather than what is best. It’s like a horse running back into the barn even though it’s on fire. Good thing subby has you looking out for it. Keep it up!


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