MKMMA Week 5, Post 1 – No opinons? No problem!


No better time than the present, yes?

Struggles. Do it NOW. No excuses. Just quit. Stop your opinions unless asked…

Oh, not quit as in “give up”, but quit as in “quit giving it less than 100%”.
I was supposed to do that LAST week. I was supposed to do a lot THIS week. Has anyone else experienced such MAJOR resistance? I am at my wit’s end.

Regarding “No Opinions”, I have been less than successful. I have tried to withhold my opinions on multiple occasions, even making a verbal note of it – and it throws people for a loop. I am used to justification through opinions. Try again!

I’m dealing with a lot of personal ‘ish this week, this month, as I have begun to be true(ER) to myself, I’ve encountered some differences/points of contention at home. This makes things more difficult, it seems. What do I do? Just keep doing what I need to do? I know I am useless to others if I wander aimlessly – I cannot use my gifts if I cannot control myself, my thoughts, and my actions…


4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 5, Post 1 – No opinons? No problem!

  1. Yes the resistance will come from everywhere and when it comes from home we tend to personalize it more…it hurts more BUT you know what? Being uncomfortable, stepping out of the comfort zone is a little bit scary for everyone KNOW that “this too shall pass” there is SUNshine through those clouds and You are stepping closer to YOUR Light! AWEsome, thanks for sharing this week 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing Stephanie. Stick with it…stay the course. Little bits and pieces of your gold will pop their heads through the cement here and there. It’s a tough journey…stay the course…we all need you!

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  3. Aloha Stephanie, You’re doing a grand job! That idea of doing a “verbal note” when you lapse in the “opinion” department is a grrreat idea! Having just read the week 7 workbook, I see that we’re all to do the 7 Day Mental Diet this coming week. I’d received a copy of the directions for the 7 Day Mental Diet between receiving my scholarship and the beginning of the MKMMA 2015 programme, so I did it then. There’s a helpful hint about having the awareness “in the moment” of any negative thought or words and to put them into the garbage and then substitute the negative thought immediately with something positive. I have a garbage chute door that is with me at all times and it’s become automatic for me to just open the chute door and let the “garbage OUT” so I can immediately fill it with a pre-filmed “good scenes/memories IN” clip. It works like a charm! Easily accomplished in less than 7 seconds, which you’ll understand later today :-)) Mahalo for your authenticity – it means a lot to me. Much LOVE wendyht


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