MKMMA Week 6


HOW is it already Week SIX?
Thanking God and the Universe we have 20 more weeks!!

     Good evening on this first Thursday of “Fall Back” daylight savings. How are you managing with the time change? I’m not sure I’ve ever been so affected by it in my adult life more than I am this week. Every week for the last 6 or 7, I’ve managed to wake up between 7-8am, eat, run, read, eat, get ready for work, then go to work. I truly had woken up each morning “with a VITALITY I have never known before”. This week, though… I have been a slug! I’m not sure what’s going on, but I need to get back to my previous performance levels!

     #TheStruggleIsReal, amirite? I have been seeing signs of reassurance and comfort in the last week and a half – I know this journey is important, and I know my life depends upon it. My happiness depends upon it. My ability to help others with the gifts I’ve been given – depends upon it. What are your struggles? What is giving you resistance? What do you do to overcome resistance? I know we awake in the morning, “overcoming every fear I once knew at sunrise” – but how are you overcoming the old blueprint? I truly would love to know!

     I have been wearing a compass around my neck all week, with my work badge on it. No one has asked me about it – but thankfully I understand that isn’t the point. The point is that I am affected by the compass, reminded of the reason for wearing it – then I make sure to do one of my activities right away before the moment is gone.

     Just now, I had a formatting glitch and accidentally hit “delete” while not “in” the blog post, and I was terrified the blog was gone. GRATEFUL for the capability of some technology – as I pressed the “forward” arrow on my browser, and it restored my draft! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS hit “Save Draft” as you’re typing! Haha.

     When Mark J. acknowledged his greatest difficulty with the three Greatest Salesman reads was the midday read after eating – I initially didn’t think I’d have a problem with it. Now I TOTALLY understand. My days are not entirely routine, so I am finding some of the greatest resistance working in the midday read (around a midday time). What is unfortunate, also, is my inability to keep my promises – reading the service cards daily, reading my DMP, reading the Blueprint Builder – all of the things I believe will have the most impact on me in the future, and I’ve neglected them. Do you have any suggestions about the best time of day for you to complete everything? I would LOVE some suggestions! Tricks, tips, ANYTHING to help me – share your great ideas!!

     Mahalo. I hope this finds you well. If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for reading my ramblings. Hopefully you can offer some wisdom for my journey! Have a great night!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 6

  1. I Too can’t believe it is Week 6 of #MKMMA wow I feel like I’m caught in a whirlwind. I carry all my materials with me so that I can grab a moment in the car to read here and there during the day. I set my alarm for 11:30 for MKMMA time and that helps to keep me aware of what I want to do so I look for opportunity to ‘Stop’ the day for a few minutes. But in the end it is doing your very best with your intention and over time small steps in the right direction will get you where you want to go. So Keep on Truckin!


      • Aloha Stephanie,
        I, too, have a schedule that is constantly changing day by day and week by week. And because I often teach or am travelling to or from teaching over the typical “lunch” break…I decided to make my Mid-Day Reading be “when I get home from teaching.” I make it a habit to take 10 minutes to wash hands from being outdoors, eat a simple snack, and go do my reading and my SIT. Then, I can go on to everything else. It’s great that you shared! Mahalo and Much LOVE wendyht


  2. As Mark says.. Do your best and you are. Here is some of what I do and my opinion. Remember you asked ;-). I read the Guy in the Glass each night and know if I have done my best. If I have not, oops and tomorrow is a new day to do my best. (Law of Self Forgiveness) I do not beat myself up. To me Quality is more important than just going through the motions. Another words doing the exercises with enthusiasm but missing a read is better than going through the motions half-hearted. The Law of Dual Thought is so important in removing the old blue print and craving the new peptides. Way to go Stephanie..


  3. aloha Stephanie one step at a time honey…its like aerobics you get the legs going then they throw in arms then they add in another action arrrggghhhh…ITS ok though setting your alarm is a GR8 idea to keep you on track bravo Mark!…After this weeks webinar you will be shown another way to help you do many things at once all in a recording YaY! You Got This!
    “Live Your Dream” aloha lorelei


  4. Hi Mark I also have to deal with a hectic life… I just keep it in my mind the amount of times I need to read and when I get to it (it’s always in my mind) I do it now, say 3 readings required now I have two left. It works for me where one night I may work from 4:00pm to 2:30 am or I may wake up1:45 am to to leave by 2:45am get back 9:00 am or I may leave home at 10:00 am and get back who knows when. – Ernie PS I ramble too!


  5. Preaching to the choir…. When you figure it out….let me know how you did! LOL Try to hide the red pencil and keep the green one handy!!! The old blueprint must create this kaos!>? I wanted to ‘reboot’ my life and I think the kaos is an indication that we are on the right path? Thanks for sharing….makes me feel better 😉


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