MKMMA Week 8

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So, here’s Week 8’s post in Week 9. Oops.

I am grateful for the resources and support in this community – I need to take better advantage of the comfort I can receive from like-minded individuals. My free time is so little, I am worried about spending so much time on the computer – neglecting others. It seems that there is time for everything – but I keep shifting my priorities.

How do you make time for everyone, when time seems to be slipping away?




5 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 8

  1. Aloha Stephanie. To be honest, I’ve had to let many things fall by the wayside since MKMMA “happened all of a sudden” in September. And that’s fine. I’m making sure I let the people I care about know that I’m not “avoiding” them, I’m simply very involved with a programme that will help me be more successful as a person and in my business. They all seem to understand and appreciate that I’m explaining that to them. This past Friday/Saturday, I was able to go volunteer at the Fall Fibre Sale of the Spinners & Weavers Guild here on the Sunshine Coast. Last year I missed it for the first time. This year, because I’ve missed every meeting, I planned my week-end off so I could volunteer. They were 4 very precious hours, as these women and a few select retiree harp students are my family of choice. I’ll miss several other meetings this year, but at least they know I still love them dearly and take joy in their fabulous talents. I’m lucky that my husband and I were both in the classical music industry, so it was “business as usual” for one of us to be on tour at any time. Truly, absence does make the heart grow fonder and appreciate one’s beloved all the more when they return from away. Can you explain that you simply need some alone / computer time for these 6 months? You could surprise them with an e-card every now and then – I use a certain online e-card company and they provide a complete list of my card recipients. So, I can simply send the same card to everyone if I like. Hmmmm, I might just take my own advice on that front. Mahalo for posing the question, Stephanie 🙂 And, I’m really getting the sense that our fellow MKMMA members are becoming “family” too. In Gratitude, Love, Light & Support, Wendyht


  2. Stephanie, always remember “I can be what I will to be” and “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. You are building a beautiful toolbox, embrace your journey and fight that old blueprint of yours!!! You are very familiar with OATS (review in the Resources), each week first make a date/dates with the very important people in your life! Hugs, Carol 🙂


  3. Sigh. I feel the same way. I am currently experiencing great difficulty with Internet challenges and technology challenges so you could always turn around and be grateful it’s not hard to get on ha ha. i’m writing this from Barnes & Noble on my iPhone!


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