MKMMA Week 16

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Focused on Kindness for an entire week.
Once a day or more, commenting about 2 or more kindnesses you were involved in.


I have the honor of working with some incredible ladies. Our jobs are simple, but these simple jobs impact so many students and teachers across the United States. To me, that also means they are important. In our jobs, we are allowed to take initiative and make certain calls without approval from a manager. It isn’t necessarily when we deem a student “worthy”, or if we’re “in a good mood”. Sometimes, we have the opportunity to do something good for a stressed out student, and change their day. Maybe even their week, or semester! I talk to my customers as if they’re right here in front of me. No script, just organic conversation. Still professional, of course, but not pretentious. Not everyone conducts their phone calls as I do, but it gets so real sometimes that my accent changes. I have this thing called “code switching” that I unconsciously do when speaking to someone from different regions of the United States.

She-who-shall-not-be-named did this too often when we were growing up, and I used to make fun of her for it. Isn’t that what we do with a situation we don’t understand? Anyways. Now that I’m older, and I speak with people all over the US daily, I see how useful an unconscious tool like code switching is. It creates a dialogue rooted in empathy, allowing someone to be comfortable and less stressed in a stressful situation. It comes from living in so many parts of the US, or interacting with those folks so often that it becomes part of my own speech. I love it. I think it’s a marvelous TOOL to have in my back pocket for talking to people. One of my kindnesses this week was helping a student gain access to her course due to financial hardship… she had a similar situation to my own growing up, and I hooked her up. I could FEEL her energy and tone change before our call was over – and it was powerful.


Hanging in there, like a booger in a biscuit! 😉
(I know, ewwwwwww)




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