17A – The Hero’s Journey

February 3rd, I announced to my Facebook family that I am becoming an astronaut. I received so much love and support from that “community”, and apparently I inspired a few people to look into their own possibilities with school. THAT is cool. 🙂 On February 5th, I asked if my little Facebook community would help me with scholarships if need be through social media… and received a resounding YES! It felt good to know I had so MUCH support from all of these folks!

Aimee’s TED talk (link below) really struck a chord with me. When I am an astronaut, I need to use my superpowers for the good of humanity. I can combine something I love (helping people) with something else I love (space)… but I haven’t yet discovered that part of my path. “We’ve unlearned the magic of discovery…”
I finally found mine again! ANSWER THE CALL!

Aimee Mann’s My 12 Pairs of Legs:

Is an opportunity to help others and be an astronaut worth dying? Think about this. Is it worth MY OLD BLUEPRINT DYING? Heck to the yes! Consider yourself a phoenix – death is necessary for rebirth to occur.

“You want change without sacrifice? The world doesn’t work like that.” – David from the The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official TV Spot – “A Better Life” (

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