MKMMA Week 18 – BOOM

maxresdefaultThe Commander

“In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought about through the law of attraction. This principle is the sole means by which the individual is differentiated from the Universal.”    — The Master Key – Part Eighteen

This part of the Master Keys speaks volumes to me, at this moment in my life, for many reasons. It describes:

19. A man would not expect to locate stars hundreds of millions of miles away without a sufficiently strong telescope, and for this reason Science is continually engaged in building larger and more powerful telescopes and is continually rewarded by additional knowledge of the heavenly bodies.

AS I TYPE THIS, music from the Interstellar soundtrack comes on to my Pandora M83 station. Coincidence? Nah.

20. So with understanding; men are continually making progress in the methods which they use to come into communication with the Universal Mind and it’s infinite possibilities.

Yes, yes, yes. Throughout the Master Keys, my understanding has increased of the Universal Mind, and the ability to change GREATLY the world without, by changing the world within.

I believe the Master Keys have helped me:

32. The incentive of attention is interest; the greater the interest, the greater the attention; the greater the attention, the greater the interest, action and reaction; begin by paying attention; before long you will have aroused interest; this interest will attract more attention, and this attention will produce more interest, and so on. This practice will enable you to cultivate the power of attention.

BOOM. THIS WEEK OF ALL WEEKS is when Week 18, Part 18 hits. This is the week that I renewed my interest, my long-lost love affair with space, heavenly bodies, exploration, and the like. Interest -> Attention, Attention -> Interest… and it goes on and on. This practice will enable you to cultivate the power of attention… heck yeah it does!

Week 18 is also the week of the Super Bowl. We didn’t have class of course, because: Super Bowl. Although not heavily invested in the game, I did agree to go to a watch party. Like most, I went to watch the commercials. Super Bowl advertising is legen….wait for it…. dary.

Well, the NUDGE from the Universe I received MADE ME CRY IN FRONT OF STRANGERS! Haha. We all know the commercial…David Bowie left us too soon. As a tribute to Bowie, Audi’s latest commercial “The Commander” featured his song “Starman”… Watch it here:

Just… talk about SIGNS. When you start to follow your heart, you get these little nudges or confirmation from the Universe, or at least that’s how I choose to describe it.


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