MKMMA – Week 21 – Big!


The Master Key – Part Twenty-One

It is my privilege to enclose Part Twenty-One. In paragraph 7 you will find that one of the secrets of success, one of the methods of organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind is to think big thoughts.

Check, check, annnnnnnnd CHECK! Being an astronaut is a 0.21% chance. You have better luck of winning the lottery than making it through the Astronaut Candidate selection process. This year (2015-2016), NASA set a record for the most submissions ever received (thanks, I’m sure, to Interstellar and The Martian!) at over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND! And that 0.21% chance was out of over 6000 candidates… can’t wait to see the math on over 18,000!

But according to Part Twenty-One… BIG thoughts!


Revisiting this on 02/26/2016

Do you remember a long time ago when we were all concerned with how to respond to seemingly negative criticisms of our dreams? Well, I didn’t share mine with anyone (other than my lovely MKMMA Guide!). Now, I’m kinda glad I didn’t, because it would have sounded silly. But at the same time, I lost out on any support I could have gained from being open and vulnerable with my friends and family. HOWEVER.

My ex-boyfriend/friend/long-time bestie/roommate (it’s complicated, hah) finally told me how he really felt about my pursuit of being an astronaut. He’s worried I’m going to fail. He’s worried I’m too overzealous about something I may not be able to handle. He’s worried I’m choosing to chase yet another dream, just to get bogged down with being “too busy” and get overwhelmed……… and quit.

Forgetting the fact that he’s right about a couple of things (I get overwhelmed sometimes) – the old blueprint would have immediately risen to defense. I am proud of myself and my level of calm and awareness that has developed throughout MKMMA because I just said “Thank you. I love you for being honest with me, and for caring about me and loving me as you do.” He just looked SO RELIEVED. He apparently had been dreading telling me how he felt for over 2 weeks! And here’s the thing with him – he doesn’t talk. Like, ever. He just “doesn’t have anything to say” (his words), no matter how often I beg him to talk to me, with me, or even in my general direction. I meant it when I said “I love that you care about me, and I’m so lucky to have someone who does!” And I wanted to cry.

Often, my way of doing what I’m going to do is “in defiance” of someone. Like I constantly have something to prove to other people. If you don’t support me, that’s cool. But if you tell me I can’t do something, then I choose to prove you wrong… but often lose my gusto because I’m not doing it for the right reasons. That’s why my first bachelor’s degree took forever. I didn’t have any direction, and I was only continuing college in defiance of She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. She told me to take a year off between high school and college. Nope. She told me I’d never finish. Nope. She kicked me out when I graduated high school, so why would I do what she suggested or told me to do? Ugh. Anyways. Learning experiences, right?


19. There is no limit to what this law can do for you; dare to believe in your own idea; remember that Nature is plastic to the ideal; think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is no fool! I mean, c’mon. Since DAY ONE they have been advising and guiding us to SEE ourselves as we’ve already accomplished these things. OWN IT. Truly take the time to develop it. That friggin’ old blueprint of mine, man, I’ve allowed to hold me back from so many awesome things. Forget the probability of becoming an astronaut… I’m a freaking astronaut, baby! I mean, really! I put up a picture (this one!)  funny.pho.to_astronautof myself as an astronaut here at work. My coworkers (those lovely ladies from my previous blog post) laugh a time or two at it, but they support me no matter WHAT I need to do – if I don’t get to work with them anymore, they completely understand and want to see me succeed in my dream. And I will! I AM an astronaut! 🙂

Now, I need to figure out how I’m going to apply astronaut and mechanical engineering superpowers to help others.




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