MKMMA – Sunday Thoughts (Week 22)


I had a thought earlier today: I’m missing the forest for the trees.  This is HUGE.

I may have realized that I’m going to be an astronaut, but there’s a very significant part of the journey that needs equal attention and visualization: Becoming a Mechanical Engineer.

I’ve heard horror stories about the program itself, as well as the probability of being employed upon graduation (over-saturated market, etc.) – but I’ve decided Mechanical Engineering is the best fit for me. This will require a lot of math, and a lot of science. I should focus on being an astronaut, yes, but when I’m an amazing contender for astronaut candidacy, I have to be able to look the interviewers in the eyes with confidence in my skills as a Mechanical Engineer.

Please, for the love of all things holy – don’t miss the forest for the trees!



7 thoughts on “MKMMA – Sunday Thoughts (Week 22)

  1. Don’t worry about what others say. They might think it is hard but with your positive mental attitude things can be EASY. You know what you want and you know there is no one better than you. Keep it up you are already a success. Check out the Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. It’s on YouTube it’s just an audio recording of the book. Awesome…


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