Press Release

Good evening! Dan Thorn here of WVNS 59 News with Stephanie Novoa. Stephanie is our neighbor in Kentucky, here to tell us about her company ‘Stellar Students’. Stephanie, thank you for joining us! Would you please tell us about the origin of Stellar Students?

I would be delighted!
Have you ever wished for some encouragement when you’re feeling a certain kind of low? Well, we have resources like that as adults – but what about when we’re younger? I’ve often thought of how a situation would have been different, had I some guidance or counsel. I know when I was younger, I just needed someone willing to listen. Unfortunately, not everyone has a support system, and that’s where Stellar Students comes in. It’s an informal mentoring program for anyone up through 12th grade. How people find these resources, though, is the real origin story for the company.

And that is?

School supplies! These school supplies contain inspirational and uplifting messages that are good for the subby!

The subby?

Yes, Dan. The subconscious. Ya know, there are over 4 billion synaptic connections firing in our heads, and only a handful of them are helping us, so why not change those odds as early as possible? What these supplies are designed to do is consciously feed the subconscious “good food”. Why have children grow up and then later try to unlearn an entire lifetime of bad habits and low self-esteem? My goal is to give children the best chance to transition into adulthood, happy and certain.

Wow! That sounds like an incredible gift to children: to help them develop, mentally and emotionally, in having access to these resources without fear of their socioeconomic status!

Precisely! That’s the point: to give all children the chance to change their stars, change their thinking, and their life.

Looks like you’re cooking up some good things with this business. Is there anything any of our viewers can do to help?

I am so glad you asked! We are always looking for volunteers, whom are able to “work from home”. If you have a penchant for helping children, we would love to have you on board!

Stephanie, thank you so much for joining us. Care to join me for a dance break?

I would love to! That’s why I chose you to interview with!!


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